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The Truth About Aging

And Tips To Combat The Signs Of It

Proven by the billions of dollars being spent globally every year to get rid of them, it seems safe to say that wrinkles are not happily received by most people.

So, What Causes Us To Age In The First Place ?

The principal cause of wrinkles is the loss of skin elasticity as a person grows older. As the body ages, skin cell division slows down, the dermis layer begins to thin and the fat cells beneath the dermis start to shrivel. As a result of the oil glands producing less liquid emulsions, the skin retains less moisture and becomes drier. The biggest cause however is from the bodies slow decline in production of  L-Argenine and Hyaluronic Acid, which is most emphatic when it comes to keeping skin taunt and radiant. 

Andas [contd] seen in the photo above, collagen fibers, which provide structural support to the skin layers, elongate and loosen up. At the same time, the bodies self-production of elastin proteins in the connective tissue has slowed down, and the skin's natural elastic ability begins to deteriorate. If left uncared  for, the skin won't be able to repair itself fast enough, which results in the skin sagging and wrinkling.

And How Will Your Organic Anti Aging Products Help My Skin ?

Unlike other products that talk a big game but deliver no results, our products are proven to be more effective and provide faster results than any leading system on the market. Our Organic Anti Aging System will quickly jump start the production of collagen, expedite new cell rejuvenation and most importantly add intense deeply penetrating moisture to strengthen and smoothen your skin. We also offer 100% money back guarantee.  Love your results or your money back!

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Wrinkle Prevention IS POSSIBLE!

Many people will age differently, some sooner than others, due to their lifestyle.

Here are some examples and tips to follow :


DON'T SMOKE! Experts say that the link between regular smoking and the accelerated aging of skin is due to a reduced blood supply to the skin.

Genetic Factors:

If your parents developed wrinkles earlier than other people, your chances of also doing so are significantly higher than somebody whose parents developed wrinkles later than others .Bur our organic anti aging system can help!

Exposure to UV (ultraviolet light):

Some jobs put people in the sun more than others, people who spend considerable time out in the sun for work or leisure hours are more likely to develop wrinkles earlier. Our Organic Anti Aging Skin Care contains high amounts of SPF for all day protection from harsh UV sunlight, avoiding dark sun spots and wrinkles.

How You Choose Your Clothing:

People who tend to wear hats and long sleeves usually develop wrinkles later in life compared to other people of the same skin type.Again, our system will help you with high SPF if you do happen to wear clothing that exposes your skin.

Facial Expressions:

People who repeatedly smile, frown, or squint will develop fine lines and wrinkles earlier than other who do not do these facial expressions so often. According to the Mayo Clinic, each time we use a facial muscle a groove forms under the surface of the skin. When you are young the skin springs back, but as it gets older and loses its flexibility springing back becomes harder and less frequent, resulting in more permanent grooves. But our organic anti aging system can help reverse this!

Color of your skin:

People with light skin tend to experience a higher level of sun damage, which usually accelerates the development of wrinkles.Our organic anti aging system contains products with high levels of SPF protection, to help stop any further sun damage from occurring!

Sources: Medical News Today, Wisegeek.Com

Our Z Skin Organic Anti Aging System uses centuries of ancient herbal traditions to help combat the signs of aging. Using deeply nourishing ingredients, your skin will glow with radiance as fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear. Our Organic Anti Aging System contains high levels of antioxidants and potent skin cell rejuvenation, helping to even out even the toughest dark spots  and scars, lift and firm the skin, even your skin tone and restore hydration to your skin.

Complete Age Defying System
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