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Rebecca Anderson, 43

Chief Financial Officer, Knoxville, TN.

"I was hoping to add this testimonial to your site so that anybody who is on the fence about trying your products can see that it’s worth it."

Hi Z Skin Team!

I have to start off by being honest with you. I was disappointed with my first purchase as it wasn’t working for me. But I must say, you have the best customer service I have ever seen, and was shocked that you actually stand by your money back guarantee!

I was refunded immediately after emailing your team about my experience. That gave me the confidence to re-order some new products and try again.

After chatting with your team, they recommended a few products to combine to get the results I wanted. They worked perfectly and reduced the sun spots, crow’s feet and fine lines…now I am a customer for life and recommend you to everyone I know! I was hoping to add this testimonial to your site so that anybody who is on the fence about trying your products can see that it’s worth it.

If it wasn’t for your excellent customer service and support, I would never have purchased again, but now I love the freedom of trying out new products knowing you will honor your refund policy if it isn’t right for me. Luckily I haven’t had any problems since my first purchase and love love love everything I am using now.

Thank you for everything you're doing and I truly hope you continue to stick to your roots and core values, it’s hard to find a company like yours.



Kristin B,

Age 24, Connecticut
Contact Email:

"Within minutes of using your acne face mask product, my cystic acne was diminishing before my eyes."

Hello Ryan,

I hope you post this picture and testimonial on your site!I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work and dedication.  You have made the only products that have helped my skin heal.I have suffered from adult acne for the past 4 years. I have spent thousands on products, only to throw them out after the harsh chemicals burn my skin and further aggravate my acne.

Within minutes of using your miracle acne face mask product, my cystic acne was diminishing before my eyes.  It was less inflamed, and my skin was no longer painful to touch. 

Hours after washing off the product, for the first time in 4 years, I could see my skin tone!  Can you believe that!?

I was able to see tan skin below the redness of my acne.I was so thrilled, I instantly went onto your site and purchased more acne products.

I would like to thank you for giving me hope!  I wish you all the success in the world and hope you continue forward in not only your skin care venture, but also your music career.



Anna, 61

Tallahassee, FL

"It works way better than Botox!"q

Oh where do I start?? EVERY one of the products in the Anti-Aging Kit has been extraordinary. First - one thing that just blew me away was the Anti-Aging Face Mask. I could feel the firming, tightening, action. Amazing!

I was so impressed I told my 31-yr old daughter to try it - not that SHE needs it. However, when she put some on she thought it felt wonderful - as she was looking at her face in the mirror - she actually saw it tighten her face. She was like, "Did u see that?" Yes, I saw it, I glanced away for a moment - when I looked again it had tightened up even more!!

Now, me, its not quite that fast, Im 61, my skin has further to go - however, I've noticed that if I use the Firming Lotion in conjunction with that wonderful Eye cream it tightens up the several wrinkly spots and 'indentions' I have, e.g., my basal folds (or whatever they are called) that's when mine almost disappear - it works WAY better than the Botox I tried ( for $500+ ) & of course less painful.

Secondly - Right before I read about Z Skin in the news I had plans to go to Sephora & buy an eye product - for $60 - that was touted as an eye cream for bags. The Z Skin Eye cream & Nighttime cream make my under-eye bags disappear - immediately. The fine lines around around my eyes & stress lines on my forehead are becoming far less noticeable.

Thirdly - the Dark Spot Corrector & the Coffee Almond Face Scrub - the results could be seen & felt the very first time. I could literally see the dark spots 'washing' away - like I was washing dirt off my hands. Then, the Dark Spot Corrector - after using it on my face had similar results, but even more impressive there was this one really dark spot on my neck where I had dabbed some on. After just three applications I could'nt find it anymore. It was like it had never existed.

Fourthly - I bought some of the Mid Day Oil Relief for my daughter. When she exercises her face breaks out with acne. When she quits exercising her face clears up - yeah, I know - strange. Well, this stuff works - now she can exercise w/o breaking out. I sincerely hope these cosmetics will always be available at these great prices!! Thank you so much!


Christina Cloyd

Orange County, CA

"They care about their customers, which is why I will be a lifetime customer."

Can I add my testimonial to your site? I love Z Skin's organic sunscreen. It has a wonderful silky feel and doesn't leave any white streaks. It is lightweight and breathable. I have tried numerous natural sunscreens, and this one is the best. I also use their acne sensitive day lotion everyday. In addition to having great natural skin care products, Z Skin has amazing customer service. I had a very minor issue, and Z skin responded very quickly and exceeded my expectations. They care about their customers, which is why I will be a lifetime customer.



Devon Ligus, 29

Model/Actress, Los Angeles

"There is no store bought product that works on my skin like Z skin cosmetics"

Hi All!

Can I add a testimonial, because I love z skin cosmetics!!! I have used it for a month now and my skin has completely cleared up and my acne scars are fading away. It feels so good to wear less make-up!

I use the regular acne stuff everyday, except when it's "that time of the month", but that is where z skin cosmetics really shines for me! The sensitive acne products are the ONLY things that every helped with my hormonal acne!

There is no store bought product that works on my skin like Z skin cosmetics. I love that it's all natural and I would recommend it to anyone!



Hi Ryan,

This is Kyle. I would like to add a testimonial on your site, I am 42 years old and married happily for 15 years down here in Alabama. I want to publicly state that I think you are a freakin genius my friend! I was given the Acne Liquid Mineral Foundation and Banish; Breakouts And Blemishes being told that it was just a simple acne cream that worked wonders. Honestly speaking, I have never nor would I have ever used makeup products, prior to yours. Not only did it clear my skin up, I really had no idea I was wearing makeup products, and it has really changed my perception. I would just like to congratulate you on all of your success, and not only do I recommend the products to my friends (I don't tell them its makeup either) but I still use them everyday!

Thanks so much!

Kyle G.


OMG IM IN LOVE!!!! I received my shipment yesterday - have used your products twice now and so far I am in love!!! No burning, no itching just nice soft clean skin. Thank you for making natural products we can all feel good about using.

Marissa P


Please don't ever stop what you're doing!! Your "miracle in a bottle" is the only thing that has ever worked for me! I have a very strange skin type and, in my personal opinion, your product is the best one out there! It has worked unlike any other I have ever tried, and I can actually afford it!!! That's the unbelievable part!! You cannot begin to imagine the level of appreciation that thousands of us (especially me!!!!!) have toward you and what you do for us; thank you!! I will soon be buying your products for my personal use, as well as christmas gifts for most of my friends---I want to share your products with everyone I know! and thanks to you, I can afford to!!!!

Marissa Shuffield


"What Cured My Acne And Eczema After Prescription Creams Failed Me..."

-Teen Ink Magazine

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Hi Ryan,

Im so glad I found out about your products! I have dark circles and puffiness that really bother me. I've tried all kinds of creams. I can't even begin to thank you for your Zz eye product. I also am amazed at your Age Defying System. I was about to give up because I was spending so much money, but thanks to you, I can now afford to look great again! Thank you for all you do!

Ryan! I want to add an update to my testimonial if that's okay? I am so glad I discovered Z Skin. I'll seriously never use another brand again. I love that Z Skin uses premium all-natural and organic herbs with potent anti-aging properties. I'm beyond impressed by the quality of solution specific and targeted herbs and oils used. THESE PRODUCTS REALLY WORK! And that's hard to say about products out there today! Thank you for all you do, and p/s your customer service is amazing :)



"I spent so much money at my dermatologists office trying products to tighten my skin and remove all the sun spots. At the same time I was trying every type of makeup out there, the expensive ones, the cheap ones, but nothing was helping my skin.

I originally just wrote off Z Skin's Age Defying System thinking it wouldn't work as well because it is all organic and so inexpensive. Well, I was wrong! In less than two weeks, my dark spots had completely disappeared and my wrinkles, bags, crows feet, and sagging skin were nowhere to be found! I can't believe it actually worked, I am a huge fan now, and will be a customer for life! Thank you guys so much!!!

-Karen S, 52, Tamps, FL



All I can say is WOW! You definitely have a customer for life. I have been battling acne for years and have been put on so many prescriptions that haven't done anything but cost money. I am truly in awe of how well your products have worked. In just a matter of 4 weeks, my face is completely clear without any sign of a breakout at all, the first time in 10 years. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for your products, and your prompt response to questions and orders. I'm excited to share my story with everyone I know and look forward to ordering new product very soon.

Thank you,
-Chloe Crellin





"I use Z Skin everyday! It honestly works better than my Estee Lauder cream. The ingredients are organic. My skin looked radiant. I cant wait to use their other products. The companies CEO cares about his customers and does follow ups on customer satisfaction this is rare. I am a customer for life. Thank you Ryan for creating affordable organic creams!"

-Linda Fierro, 39, Career Service Representative


"I don't use makeup because I don't want my pores to be clogged more then they already are. It's hard to clear up my skin because I get cystic pimples and have large pores. Even the main Acne kitsv you see on the commercials couldn't help me, but today my skin is unbelievably smooth and clear and it didn't take long at all! I just simply used the face wash, toner and lotions Z Skin Cosmetics suggested I use after I desperately asked them for tips on my skin. I can't believe it works, and is all natural! Go Z Skin Cosmetics!"

-Rachel Rose, 33, Nurse