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By using our products you have agreed that you have read and understood each ingredient clearly marked on the label, tested a small amount on your skin, and legally forfeit your right to hold Z Skin Cosmetics, any of its entities, persons or properties associated with the company, liable for any incidents caused; including but not limited to health, physical, emotional, mental and financial problems. As our products are mostly handmade, there may be trace amounts of other organic ingredients in the products, and it is recommended that you try a small portion on your skin before fully applying.

We do offer returns on products, but the final decision is made on a case to case basis by Z Skin Cosmetics LLC, and we reserve the right to refuse a return at anytime.

Cancellation of orders must be submitted before the next business day, or you will be charged a 25 percent restocking fee. Please contact us directly for information regarding our full return and cancellation policies. It is suggested that you refrigerate all products to prolong shelf life and effectiveness of items. We are not responsible for any mold or bacteria growing inside the product after the product is delivered. If the product arrives like this, please feel free to contact us for a replacement. By using the products produced by Z Skin Cosmetics LLC, any of its persons, entities and all other associated properties, you are agreeing never to attempt to re-brand, re-create or offer advice for either personal or professional financial gain.

Cancellation Of Orders:

You are free to cancel your order before the next business day after receiving your payment. A 25% restocking fee will be added to any orders cancelled there after.

Return Policy:

We will offer returns on most products, if you are not happy with your products or order, please feel free to contact us for more information. Z Skin Cosmetics LLC will review the details of your case and ultimately make the final decision, we reserve the right to refuse a return at any time.

Shipping/Delivery Details:

Our products ship based on the amount of orders, most orders will ship out between 2-3 business days via priority USPS mail. All customers will receive an email with their tracking number once their order has shipped. We offer free shipping anywhere in the USA on orders over $50.

International Orders Ship Priority Mail International VIA USPS And Will Receive An Email With Tracking Info Once Its Shipped.