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During This Time of Crisis, We Must Rally Together To Fight COVID-19

How We're Helping:
Since we manufacture all of our own products, we’ve been able to maintain a consistent full stock of our organic hand sanitizer, Simply Sanitizer. This has allowed us to keep our sanitizer in stock, read to ship, and meet the current needs for our customers.

Because we've been blessed with this opportunity while so many others are in need of help right now, we’re continually donating as many bottles of our hand sanitizer to local hospitals and medical care workers that are in need of them.

 In order to ease customer concerns due to the unfortunate amount of scams and predatory behavior during this crisis, we have opted not to provide an option for customers to donate sanitizer bottles directly through us. In lieu of us taking the products directly to be donated, we encourage you to donate bottles of sanitizer usually the following method:

How To Donate Our Hand Sanitizer

To make sure you feel comfortable knowing that the places in need are actually receiving your donated products, please follow these steps:

   1. Complete your order with the amount of bottles you’d like to donate. 
    2. When checking out, replace your shipping information with that of the location you’d like to receive your donated products. 
    3. When your donated products ship from our facility, you will  receive an email with tracking information.

   Click Here for the product page

or visit:
 [     systems/products/simply-sanitizer-6-oz ]

We appreciated all of your continued support and outpour of kindness during this hard time. With the overwhelming donation requests, we want you to know that 100% of your contribution is actually received by those in need.

May you stay healthy and well. Together, we will overcome this.